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April 2011

Literacy/GED/Workplace skills this site is through PBS you will need to register.

Goodwill Community Foundation has well designed free online tutorials.

Learning Express Library- tutorials & practice tests for a variety of civil, nursing, college and others.

Project Compass Employment Resources

Ohio Sources

Resources for people seeking education and training for green careers at community colleges and adult career centers in Ohio through a partnership of the University System of Ohio and the Ohio Environmental Council.

Program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development’s Small Business Development Centers and the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide basics and state-level regulations and forms for businesses and one-on-one business consulting assistance.

Contacts in each of Ohio’s counties.

Labor force data and Nonfarm Wage and Salary Employment statistics tabulated once a year in August. Data at the regional level are produced by the following programs: Local Area Unemployment Statistics, State and area portion of current Employment Statistics, and Mass Layoff Statistics.

Helps Ohio’s unemployed workers with government and private sector programs
and resources that provide assistance with money, food, housing, healthcare, education and training.

Current employment and wages; employment projections by occupation and industry in Ohio; mass layoff statistics for Ohio; unemployment rates; research publications such as Ohio’s Graying Labor Force; employer locator; licensed occupations in Ohio; plus training and career resources.

WARN provides protection to employees, their families, and communities by requiring employers to give affected employees and other state and local representatives notice 60 days in advance of a plant closing or mass layoff. Advance notice provides employees and their families some transition time to adjust to the prospective loss of employment, to seek and obtain alternative jobs
And, if necessary, to enter skills training or retraining that will allow these employees to successfully compete in the job market. Includes current year’s notices and archived notices for Ohio.

Most recent available month’s labor force data for Ohio, each county and some
major cities, unemployment rate map, annual averages, etc. General indicator of economic conditions in Ohio.

Senior Community Service Employment Program
Paid job experience and work program for low-income adults age 55 and older in nonprofit organizations, hospitals, schools, police stations, senior centers, food banks, museums, nutrition programs and various government agencies. Participants train 20 hours per week and are paid at least state or federal minimum wage.

Resources for employers to post jobs; Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program to
provide Ohio students with experience in Ohio’s private sector business community; Energizing careers program in wind, solar, and biomass industries; Ohio Skills Bank connecting education and training to jobs in Ohio; workforce initiatives; resources for job seekers; and much more.

Self-service user guide, benefits estimator, unemployment publications, FAQs, financial choices after a job loss, plus resources for employers.

Links to resources and assistance available to homeowners and renters facing foreclosure. Counselors or attorneys, financial institutions, families recovering from foreclosure, and communities recovering from foreclosures can find information on repairing credit, neighborhood stabilization, foreclosure mediation, and more.

Guide to starting a new business or expanding a business in Ohio, filing requirements, registering a business, finding a location, hiring employees, professional licenses and business permits, and federal assistance.

Online Assessment Sources

Quintessential Careers, Online Career Assessment Tools Review for Job-Seekers, Career
Offers brief descriptions and ratings of most online assessment websites along
With the cost (if any) to take the tests. Helpful for job seekers looking for career direction or a better idea of their personality and interests as related to possible career choices.

My Skills My Future
Helps laid-off workers and other career changers find new occupations to explore. Users can identify occupations that require skills and knowledge similar to their current or previous job, learn more about these suggested matches, locate local training programs, and/or apply for jobs.

Holland Occupational Themes
Based on the theory of John Holland, Ph.D., people with the same or similar interests are often found in the same work environments. A short checklist activity provides you with a three-letter Holland code.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II)
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II) is a widely used personality instrument. The personality instrument uses 70 questions to help individuals discover their personality type. The KTS-II is based on Keirsey Temperament Theory™ developed by Dr. David Keirsey.

Online Career Exploration and Preparation Sources®
Search the base salaries of thousands of jobs by job-title and location. Also tabulates Low, average and high-end salaries for the area.

How far will my salary go in another city?
Compare key expenses in dozens of major cities including housing, utilities, transportation and health care.

Ohio Occupational Wages and Employment Estimates
Based on Occupational Employment Statistics (OES). Wages for multiple
occupations statewide and by metropolitan area, county or economic
development region. Search one area for single occupations. Links to occupational profiles, occupations by education and wages, plus projections.

Institute for Financial Literacy
Offers daily spending, debt to income ration, financial goal action plan, interactive budget tracking forms and other budget worksheets.

Salary Paycheck Calculator
Generate hourly net pay, or take-home pay, using a free calculator to determine
what your employee actual wages are per hour. Enter gross pay, federal
withholdings, federal, state, FICA, and local deductions and exemptions as
applicable; the Hourly Net Pay Calculator will do the rest.

Susan Ireland’s Resume Site
How to write a resume; sample resumes; how to upload and email your resume;
how to write a cover letter; job interview tips; and exploring career options.

Scannable ResumeFundamentals
Instructions to convert your word-processed resume to an electronic resume.

Online Sources for Information on Companies and Job Listings

Riley Guide
Directory of employment and career information sources and services on the
Internet. Includes sample resumes, cover letters and other resources, plus
Information on employers and organizations to prepare for an interview or before
applying for a position. General resources and location or audience specific listings as well as occupation and industry resources.

Job Hunters Bible
Online job hunting resource for contacts, job counseling, job hunting, and resumes. Professional pay scales, trends, news about job fields, industry associations, and company research are also included.

Job search resources by industry, profession and/or location.

Mega Job Sites

Global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers
seeking great people.

Find jobs by keywords and location; find careers by categories; and post resumes.

Search for jobs locally and nationally – especially good for finding jobs from small
and mid-sized companies.

Searches job sites, newspapers, associations, and company career pages.

Simply Hired
Job search engine that combines listings from other employment sites. Search by category, keywords or location.

Traditional or Face-to-Face Networking

Networking Your Way to a New Job
Steps for successful networking such as getting organized, staying in contact and
setting goals.

The Art of Career and Job Search Networking
The best career and job-search networking resources on and off the Web.

Social Networking Resources

Members are linked to potential clients, service providers, and subject experts
who come recommended by other members.

Networking For Professionals
Networking for Professionals is a dynamic business networking organization that
combines online business networking and real life events.

Users can add friends and send them messages, update personal profiles, and
join networks organized by city, workplace, school, or region.

Career/Social Networking
Career and social networking online resources. Where to network online as part of your job search and how to use a social network to help land a job.

Online Resources on Interviewing

Handling Questionable Questions
Expert advice on questionable questions such as learning a person’s age.
Includes a custom search.

Successful Interviewing: What Candidates Need to Know
How to approach interviewing; how to prepare; how to take ownership; how to
interview the interviewer; and follow-up.

Thank-you Letter after the Interview

Delaying Offer Acceptance to consider Forthcoming Offers

The Best Ways to Follow up after an Interview

To Thank or Not to Thank
Guidelines for writing a thank-you note to set you apart from other candidates.

Evaluating a Job Offer

Job-Offer Evaluation Checklist
A three-step process for developing a job-offer evaluation checklist: list the basics, consider your needs, and evaluate the options.

Letter of Acceptance

Letter Accepting a Job Offer
What to include in an acceptance letter, plus a sample.

Letter of Resignation

How to Write a Resignation Letter
Tips to consider, plus sample letters.

Compiled by Jan Haines, Library Development Consultant, State Library of Ohio 1/2011
Some sources from Infopeople Jobs and Workforce Recovery Resources File
For additional information, please contact Ashlee Clark ( or 614-644-6847) or Jay Burton ( or 740-384-2103 ext. 5).